Affiliate Marketing Program

3 Simple Steps to Earn Money

Commission: Get profitable income

Little Planet Class affiliate program pays you a commission on every franchise you make.

For the first three centers, affiliator will get an amount of Rs. 3000 each, then for the next three centers, he/she will get an amount of Rs. 4000 each and further Rs. 5000 each for the next three centers and the cycle will continue as such.

Affiliate Tools: Work Smartly

Affiliate tool helps you to plan your campaigns through to the optimization process and pave the way to greater success. We are providing you banners to do advertisements for the Little Planet Class franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question-1 What is Little Planet Class affiliate program?
Answer:- Little Planet Class affiliate program is a way to promote the franchise and earn for each franchise you make.

Question-2 Who can become a member of Little Planet Class affiliate program?
Answer:- Any graduate who have experience in marketing or wants to gain experience in marketing.

Question-3 How much do I have to pay to join affiliator program?
Answer:- There is absolutely no cost involved in joining the program.

Question-4 How do I sign up for the program?
Answer:- To sign up with Little Planet Class affiliate program, click here We will contact you after reviewing your application.

Question-5 Is it full-time or part-time work?
Answer:- It is completely full-time work, you need to engage with us completely.

Question-6 How do I earn money in this program?
Answer:- You will earn commission on every franchise of little Planet class you make.

Question-7 Which tools you will provide under this program to promote the product?
Answer:- We are giving you a database for calling, number of banners.

Question-8 To whom I have to target for this program?
Answer:- You must target educated housewives who are working in tution centers or want to run their business. Also, you can conduct seminars to promote the Franchise.

Question-9 Is there any extra source of income in this program?
Answer:- When you become affiliator of Little Planet Class, then you have to visit the centre thrice a year and we will pay you extra for this.